Singer songwriter,owner Edenistix + IND!EGO

Hello to you all, my names steve you might of seen me busking.

Just to make it clear my songs are my happy place,the place i go to share my thoughts with anyone who cares to listen.

Over the next few weeks i will start a new You tube site. Just Steve

After 20 years of silence i've decided to perform again please come and see me at IND!EGO.FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH

I play guitar and keyboard self taught, no internet back then, so i'm not as good as i should be for the amount of years i've been playing.

Bassically because for me the words mean everything.


I used to perform when i was younger the nerves used to get to me big time.

It was never a wonderful experience for me.

So i decided i'd just write songs and help others to get what they wanted from music and i've helped a few.....