Where do i start, i'm 62 years old i've lived a 
very varied life, i've done a lot of things most 
haven't really floated my boat,
When i was 11 i started to learn to play guitar and immediatly started to write songs,it was a way to release my inner demons,say things i needed to say but could'nt say in normal conversations,Most of my songs are about love.
A good friend told me i'm always the victim,maybe I am i really dont anolize what i say the chords are played the melody comes and out come the words,normally almost the whole song in the time it takes to sing it.
I've been an artiste manager,a live music promoter,sound engineer,club owner and everything in between.

I'm a multi trade builder,I've owned a Landsacaping business a building business a toy shop a decorating business,loads of club nights and i was a freelance artist for the first part of my life.

I have been a lot of other things to.

My biggest acheivment by far was becoming a dad it opened my eyes.

I learnt that life is not all about me.